Best meat grinder for bones

best meat grinder for bones

Searching for the best meat grinder for bones? Then you are surely at the right place.

Grinding meat perfectly can be a very daunting task if you follow the ancient method where people used to grind meat by showcasing their strength. If you follow that method then you’ll discover that grinding meat alongside with bones becomes very hard and it doesn’t gives a better ratio. This is where you should think about buying the best meat grinder for bones.

When it comes to having meat even your pet dog can also be not less picky then you are! To ensure that you and your pet is getting the best nutrition out of meat you have to grind it perfectly for better ratio. Using the best meat grinder for bones can be very handful in this situation.

Meat grinders are designed in a specific way which makes easier to grind hard bones alongside meat where the ratio of meat and bones can be perfectly adjusted. If you are also one of them who suffering to grind bones then getting yourself a meat grinder is best option.

We have picked some of the best meat grinder for bones and highlighted all the important features they have which will be useful to you while making a purchase. So, scroll down to find the one that suits you the most!

Our Top Picks as Best meat grinder for bones –

LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder (Best Meat Grinder for bones)

First of all the grinder is very good for its durability. It has a perfectly built lubricated motor inside it which has the capability of lubricating the grinding mechanism perfectly and right in time. We all know how important it can be if the meat is lubricated properly! This grinder is built precisely in order to reduce any kind noise and it will give totally quiet service. The grinder is made out of stainless steel which will keep the grinder for a long period of time. In fact, all of these will come to you with a five year warranty as well.

The most important thing about this product is that it has a very large meat pan comparing to others which can carry more meat into it. Not only the meat pan is big but also the auger size is also much longer than other grinders which is also known as “The big bite technology”. These large augers will provide extra amount of grind meat and save a lot of your valuable time. These things makes its grinding capacity much better and smoother. You can precisely grind meat and cut hard bones into shape easily with this amazing grinder.

The grinder is much better, smoother and durable than comparing to other grinders at the market. You can make amazing sausages, meat balls and other meat items with it. The grinder has built in circuit breaker which makes it very safe to use and all parts can be dismantled very easily. So that, you can clean it properly.

  • It is made with full stainless metal housing and there is no use of aluminum
  • Cleaning it is super easy and you can also use a big brush to wash the inside mechanism
  • It can easily grind hard bones and meat like turkey meat as well
  • The grinder is very good for making delicious sausages and there are no issues or whatsoever
  • The blades are very sharp and fast so, it can cut long meats in no time easily and it doesn’t produce much heat too.
  • Sometimes it gets slower if you put two batches of cubed meat or a second grind
  • You have to make small batches meat together in order to grind fast
  • The blades are really sharp and fast so you have to wear gloves and keep distance while grinding

SuperHandy Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer Electric (Best Meat Grinder for bones)

SuperHandy is very well known company for making grinders that lasts for a long time. Especially, this product is precisely built for this specific reason. The grinder is just like its name “super handy” it has been made with long lasting stainless steel which helps the grinder to give a long time service. It has a 120V/60V AC motor that gives amazing performance. It can grind up to 480 lbs. per hour (including turkey meat) which means 8 lbs of meat within a minute. So, now you can get the idea that how much faster and smoother this grinder works and it will save so much of your time as well.

The most interesting and attractive thing of this grinder is that it has a very good 1 speed forward sausage stuff mode in it. So, you can easily stuff sausage in it. Besides, it has a huge meat pan, nice looking auger, stuffing plate, stuffing tubes and a very handy meat stomper. Even though all the accessories are made with stainless steel, they are well designed to keep the motor air cooled.

So, there is no way that the grinder will produce more heat than usual. A circuit breaker is also included in the system which ensures 100% safety. You can also dismantle and assemble the parts in order to clean it. So, using this quality grinder is totally safe. In my opinion this grinder has amazing compatibility and you will feel much more comfortable to use it!

  • It can grind very smoothly and as fast as you can feed it
  • Very easy to assemble and clean.
  • You can make amazing sausages anytime
  • It’s very powerful and doesn’t produce any kind of noise
  • Can grind bones very easily and without any clogging
  • Sometimes it produces a little bit of noise while grinding hard meats like lamb
  • The plunger is small for stuffing
  • Sometimes soft bones might stuck inside the blades(but you can remove it easily later on)

Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder(Best Meat Grinder for bones)

Sunmile is a very highly skilled and experienced company who have been making grinder for almost decades. Their grinders highly crafted for better purposes. From home to business! You can use this grinder anywhere. It has a very powerful 350 W motor and very sharp blades that can grind any type of meat and soft bones without a doubt. In this case 250 is just the rated power and the max power is 1000. so, there is no doubt that it’s a very strong and powerful grinder.

Even though it’s a very heavy grinder, there is no shortage of safety measures inside it. It contains a safety switch inside it for instant power cutout and there also circuit breaker to keep the appliance safe from any kind of electrical problem. You will get the services of both ultra-usage and safety within it. The blades are made of stainless steel and only the die cast head part is made of aluminum. You can find 3 types of sausage attachments in it and a big stuff as well which will help you to make delicious sausages.

Overall, this grinder has many amazing qualities! Like it’s fast, super strong, the blades are sharp and cut through any type of meat and soft bone and also the safety measurements has made a huge difference in it. You can also clean it very easily by dismantling the parts and also by a dish washer.

  • Has the ability to grind faster and smoother
  • You can use it for a long time without any problem
  • The extra safety switch helps avoiding any kind risk
  • Despite of such a huge motor it doesn’t create any kind of noise
  • Can grind the biggest bones (like cow) and tiniest bones (like fish) pretty well
  • You can’t put the aluminum head on the dishwasher because of discoloration
  • It will clog if you put the meat wrongly into the flat surface
  • The plunger of the meat stomper is not much wider

Kitchener Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer Elite(Best Meat Grinder for bones)

Built with a 120V/60V motor, this is one of the smoothest grinders and can be said to be the best meat grinder for bones of course. It can grind up to 240 lbs per hour which is a very good grinding capacity rate. Within 1 hour you will be able grind such amount of meat is definitely eye catching. This motor has maximum 3 speeds which are forward grind, sausage stuff and reverse mode. You can use each of them by your wish and standards. It is specifically built with long lasting gears and housing, crafted with stainless steel and aluminum. Which gives a good compatibility to the system.

The grinder head is well protected with the heavy duty SUS304 stainless steel. So, this will serve you for a long time. The auger, blades and steel plates are totally rust free. So, there is no scope of its contact or corrosion with meat or bones. The unit is designed very well with air cooled system so that, the motor can’t produce extra heat that might hurt the system. A circuit breaker is also installed in the mechanism in order maintain safety. Even though there are no risks but this precaution makes the product safer to use.

The grinder is very good in my opinion because there is a balance between usage, service and safety and the combination of stainless steel and aluminum is very good as well. The aluminum parts can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher and there are no chances of discoloration. So, you can easily clean each parts specifically by dismantling them.

  • It’s grinding capacity is very fast and can grind up to 4 pounds in a minute
  • The auger does not get hot while using the machine
  • It grinds perfect sausages without any problems
  • It can also grind frozen beef and pork without getting strained
  • You clean is easily with your hands and can also use dish washer
  • It can’t grind red meat bones or chicken thigh bones
  • You have to keep your hands or fingers away from the feeding area because the blades are too much sharp
  • Sometimes it can get a bit hot and make noise if you use it for a long time

Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder (Best Meat Grinder for bones)

The grinder is crafted with heavy duty long lasting stainless metal. Which describes its quality and compatibility. The aluminium meat pan and stainless steel cutting knife will give you a guaranteed longer service life. The 500 W motor of it can grind up to 330 lbs. meat per hour. Which means a total of 5.5 lbs per minute. So, you can really get a high grinding capacity rate and save a lot of your time. But the most important thing is the safety features included in this wonderful grinder!

At first the stainless steel made mechanism is totally rust proof which allows the meat grinder’s surface to be more sustainable and flexible. At second, it has the function of water proof system. There is a water proof switch inside it that will keep the inner mechanism safe from any short circuit or other problems and at last but not the least, the huge meat pan in it is really easy to maintain and you can also remove it for a good cleanup.

This grinder is perfectly suitable and precisely built for household, commercial and other uses and it is super flexible and strong which can be very handy towards to the buyers. In fact, alongside all of these features and advantages you will be also getting a 1 year limited guarantee. The gear also consists other crafts like a 3/8”, 3/4” and 1-1/8” stuffing tubes and a meat stomper as well. This is surely one of the best meat grinder for bones.

  • Can easily grind chicken bones, thigh meat and offal without any issue
  • The feeding area is very large and you can feed a bigger section easily in it
  • It is very easy to assemble and disassemble
  • You clean it easily with your hand
  • The strong motor can ground the meat in no time
  • The inner parts are little bit difficult to clean sometimes if they are unclean or bones are stuck inside
  • There are some parts inside it which can’t clean in the dishwasher
  • The motor can sometime produce more heat than usual(but there is no risk of any machinery problem)

PRO-CUT KG-12-FS Food Service Meat Grinder

The kg-12-FS is almost like a mini food processor. Besides grinding meat, it can be used to prepare salsas, purees, beans, jellies and marmalade etc. just by changing the grinding plate! This grinder has a robust 3 / 4 HP motor. Also a gear driven always-lubricated transmission able to produce 436 lbs meat per hour on the first grind with the included 3 / 16”plate. So this is going to make your whole grinding process time saving and simple! Easy cleaning and long lasting durability is ensured by the stainless steel cabinet of this grinder. It has an extra-large tray which also provides you with ample space for all your ingredients which reduces product transfer making your process more organized. 

This grinder complies with NSF and UL international standards. The KG-12-FS grinder can be placed anywhere because of its 22.75 x 8.75″small footprint. This grinder also includes an extra-large high grade stainless steel tray (2.5″x13″x21″) to make your process more time worthy, super easy and comfortable. Prevents wastage and easy cleaning. Besides grinder, If used along with sausage tubes and casings it can also be used as a sausage maker. Especially its large mouth prevents accidents and allows an easy feed. For safety, the provided stomper must be used.

Its powerful oil bathed steel gear transmission with no belts or pulley ensures you a long lasting life of the grinder, noise free grinding and easy maintenance. Anything you put into the grinder will come out clean and its natural color and flavor is retained. So you never have to worry about product mashing. This grinder comes in 110V and 60Hz frequency and can be plugged into any regular household outlet so even the plugging process is not going to trouble you. Besides 3 / 16”plates and a stomper, with an addition of a grinding knife as well!

  • This grinder works great and easy to clean up.
  • It can make Italian and American breakfast sausage.
  • Super handy and can be placed in small places.
  • All the parts in contact with food are easily accessible and removable for convenient cleaning and you do not even need any tools.
  • This grinder will endure tough use for years saving your valuable time and effort.
  • Stuffing sausage into the casings may not be trouble free.
  • The headstock or the worm seems to be unfit according to the size
  • Sometimes it may clog if the meat is too hard or totally frozen

Zica electric meat grinder heavy duty stainless steel meat mincer

The Zica electric meat grinder 2/5HP (300W) coupled with a larger head to grind around 175 lbs. meat/hour or 80 kg meat/hour which can help you to grind a lot of meat in a short space of time. So, both your time and energy is being saved! Besides, it also makes your grinding process quieter than ever. The gear includes the stainless steel grinder head, auger, housing and a 13.4”×8.6”×2.3” large capacity meat pan including an enlarged throat which enables you to hold more meat.

Some people complain that the meat sometimes gets stuck inside the feeding area, which prevents them to grind faster and creates lots of problems. But in this amazing grinder there is a very feature to fix the situation. If your meat gets stuck, you can simply rotate to the “over turn” position so the screw will change the rotation direction to clockwise making the problem easy to solve. There is also a storage drawer located directly underneath the grinder head. The auger is designed to grab the meat and push it through the plate.

Besides the grinder it also includes a plate and an instruction manual for your comfortable usage. If you face any problems or become confused with all the things you can read the manual or directly contact the manufacturers without any problem. The grinder has a overload protection functions and if it gets stuck in middle you can fix it by simply restarting the switch so that, it can be used again. This is the best reason we call it one of the best meat grinder for bones.

  • It’s faster, stronger and better, you can easily ground more into it with its large head
  • Quiet performance and creates no irrational sound
  • The “over turn” feature makes the machine more interesting
  • Has good functions, and all the ways to fix major problems
  • It’s easy to clean, you can use your hands and dishwasher (for some specific parts) as well
  • Even if it has good features to solve the problems, but the problems still do occur
  • sometimes hard meats or bones get stuck inside the feeding area
  • Some parts may face discoloration if it’s washed inside the dishwasher

Camoca Meat grinders for home use

The Camoca meat grinders are made with food grade materials. The Parts which are in contact with food are able to prevent pollution of ingredients. It owns strong anti-corrosion and durable quality. Which helps the meat quality to be better and good. Along with stainless steel it’s made with thicken aluminium alloy and high end ABS. The combination of aluminium and stainless steel will allow you to get a long life service. Up to 400W rated power and 1600W max locked power makes this a heavy duty grinder which makes it usable for both home and commercial purpose.

It’s more efficient and faster than manual grinders, this grinder grinds 3lbs meat/minute (deer meat, chicken, pork etc.) and I am sure that will save a lot of your time and energy. This grinder can be called multi-purpose food grinder as it includes 3 sizes 304-stainless steel grinding plates for a variety of fine, medium and coarse cut, 2 sizes of sausage stuffer tubes and a Kubbe kit for you to treat yourself with mouth-watering sausages and kubbe, a set of stainless slicer shredder which contains 3 blades to fulfil your needs of slicing, shredding or fine shredding (effective for cheese, zucchini, nuts, carrots, cucumber, salad toppings etc.

From my own personal point of view, this grinder is a very flexible and comfortable to use. It is designed in such way which makes it really easy to use. Very easily assemble able and handle able, to unclog the unit there is a reverse button, well equipped anti-overload and anti-overheat system to prevent accidents and overheating. All parts are easy to install and remove for your easy cleaning.

  • Included accessories can be used to make tasty sausages, burgers anytime so you can enjoy your desired meal anytime!
  • The stainless steel housing is safe, durable and easy to clean.
  • Easy access to the parts helps u to get a tidy kitchen without any kind of cleaning troubles.
  • Grinding plates, blades, sausage stuffers will jointly meet your need anytime making your grinding/slicing/shredding process more time saving and purposeful.
  • Ensures the safety of family food.
  • After 10 minutes usage, the motor needs to be cooled down for 15-20 minutes.
  • Except the cutting plates, blades, slicer and shredder other parts are NOT dishwasher safe.
  • The grinding plates and shredder blades are not clearly marked so you may need to figure out which one you need.

Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Meat Mincer

This one comes with a very powerful motor of 2000 watts at maximum. Which has the ability to grind up to 2 pounds of meat in a minute. With this huge capacity it also has a stainless steel body. Making it more reliable and long lasting. Besides, there are detachable tray, full metal gear box, and metal items that are very much flexible for your use. You can use this wonderful grinder at your home and it can also be used for commercial reasons comfortably.

The 3 spiral auger attached to it will help to squeeze out the meat instead of tearing the whole thing. As a result, the meat fiber will not be harmed and you can get the proper amount of nutrition through it! The machine is built in such a way that it has the ability to keep the meat temperature cool and the texture or flavor totally clean. You can also make delicious sausages, kubbe alongside just grinding meat. The gear also contains 3 sorts of stuffing tubes and 1 kubbe maker.

If it jams or clogs while operating the“reverse”button can rotate the auger in opposite direction to set the head free. There also a circuit breaker installed in it in case any kind electrical problem. This amazing grinder set also comes with 12 month replacement warranty and 30 days money back guarantee as well. This is what the best meat grinder for bones should have.

  • Can make amazing meat pies, meatballs, burgers, sausages etc
  • The single button on/off system makes it easier to handle
  • Easy to clean with warm water
  • All the parts can be easily dismantled
  • You can make pasta or chewy meat easily
  • The parts cannot be washed in the dishwasher
  • You have to cut big meats in order to fit it in the machine
  • The powerful grinder might use a little bit more electricity than usual

Maverick Mince Master 575 Watt Meat Grinder

For grinding meat at home the Maverick mince master is perfect with its 575W motor balancing the power and affordability. This grinder makes quick work of beef, pork, venison and poultry (including cheese, nuts, fruits, vegetables). Due to its strong grinding capability it is easily better than manual grinders. Its big auger head grabs more meat and other items which helps to grind more stuff in short period of time. Saving your valuable moments and energy!

So, you can just simply grab your grinding material, grind it at your home by being super comfortable and make tasty sausage, meat loaf, hamburger and even baby food! It has the ability to grind even the soft meats very deeply so, even babies can have the healthy and nutritious meat without any problem. The grinder also features a reversible motor for easy cleaning and automatic thermostat to avoid overheating. This function allows a risk free operating environment and makes you comfortable to use it.

The grinder has a very good set of gear which comes with stainless steel dies (ensuring oil-free storage), cutting blade, sausage cone, kebble maker, wrench and a cookie maker die as a bonus!

Ensuring the safety of your food, basically you can have all of your favorite food and meat items which includes a wonderful and simple grinding process, simply at home with the mince master meat grinder!

  • Low cost and reliable grinder.
  • Powerful and handy, best for home use, highly durable.
  • You can also make cookies with it!
  • Easy to clean, robust and heavy duty grinder.
  • Works smoothly.
  • Grinding meat may be difficult with the coarse disc.
  • Fittings are both plastic, small and not very sturdy.
  • This grinder contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. So you have to be careful while washing it!

Best Meat Grinder For Bones Buying Guide

Features To see in the best Meat Grinder for bones

The Motor of the meat grinder

The capability of the motor is very important when you are trying to judge a meat grinder. Usually strong meat grinders have really strong and powerful motors. Motors that need around 400 W – 2000 W electricity or above are rated is powerful motors. The motor capability determines that how fast and smoothly you can grind. The more power your motor has, the more quickly and smoother you can do your work. So, always look for a meat grinder that has a powerful motor which can give you enough flexibility and quit performance.

The Durability

Durability means performance level that your grinder can offer for a normal time period. The grinders that can give good performance for a longer are period of time are considered as more durable. Checking the durability is very important. Because, no matter how strong the motor is or how good the structure is made from inside. If these things are not stable enough to serve you for a long time then there is no use of buying the product. So, always check the durability to ensure a longer service giving grinder!

The capacity of meat it can grind

You should also look at the meat grinding capacity. There are different types of meat grinders based on the capacity level. Generally normal meat grinders which are used for household works have low grinding capacity and the grinders that are made for commercial use have high grinding capacity. There are also some medium capacity meat grinders which can be used for both home and business. So, you have determine which grinder suits you the most according to your need. Mostly, I prefer the medium ones because you can use them easily in your home and do a little side business with it as well.

Some Best Meat Grinder for Bones FAQs –

  1. What is a meat grinder used for?

    A meat grinder’s main purpose is to meat grinds properly. Besides that, you can also grind some soft bones and other things in it as well. People use meat grinders for making delicious sausages, burgers, kubbes etc. You can also stuff sausage very neatly with the help of a meat grinder.

  2. Will a meat grinder grind bones?

    The answer is “YES”. BUT, it depends on the bone. If the bone is soft and not too much hard to break then it is easily possible to grind bones and if the bone is too hard and frozen then it’s impossible to ground them without a very high quality and strong grinder.

  3. How to Grind Bones Properly?

    This is a question that typically many people tend to ask. The key to grind bones is very simple. All you have to know that which bone it is! Usually meat grinders cannot grind tough bones properly. But if you have a strong motor and it has sharp blades then you can grind the bones easily. But, in order to do that you need to lubricate the bones and make to softer. Chicken bones, soft beef and turkey bones etc can be easily grounded in a meat grinder, but too much hard and frozen bones are almost impossible to grind unless, you have a super grinder!

  4. Is a meat grinder worth it?

    Many people will give many answers to you about which is the best meat grinder for bones. But, in my opinion it is totally worth it. There are many reasons to say that. First, it improves the meat quality. Second, it grinds faster and saves your time alongside energy, third, you can also grind some bones easily that is impossible if you use your hand. Besides, grinders can lubricate and cut the meat precisely. So, you will eventually get tasty meat as well.

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