Ahmed Efaz

Ahmed Efaz

Owner of Kitchenological.com . Professional Digital Marketing Expert. Blogging is a passion. I love cooking so write blogs about kitchen products and how to use them. 

5 Cookbooks that Every Cook Should Own

5 Cookbooks that Every Cook Should Own

If you like to cook, you may already own a few cookbooks. But if you’re looking to start or expand your collection, where do you begin? Walk into any book store, and you’ll find hundreds of cookbooks to choose from.…

How long does celery juice last?

how long does celery juice last

How long does celery juice last? This question mostly gets asked by people who prefer home juicing rather than purified market bought juice. And one of core reason behind this is without a doubt the conservation of nutrients that comes…

Can you juice frozen vegetables?

can you juice frozen vegetables

When it comes to gaining proper nutrition and enhance our health, there is no alternative to vegetables. The amount of nutrition and vitamin vegetables can provide us is incomparable. For this reason, many of us like to juice vegetables now…

Can You Juice Frozen Fruit?

can you juice frozen fruit

If you are thinking about “can you juice frozen fruit?”. Then my answer will be “yes”. it is true that if you try to juice frozen fruits directly then there is always a chance of not getting the best result…