Can You Juice Frozen Fruit?

If you are thinking about “can you juice frozen fruit?”. Then my answer will be “yes”. it is true that if you try to juice frozen fruits directly then there is always a chance of not getting the best result from it. Frozen fruits can also be harmful to you if you do not properly juice them. Even all types of juicers can not juice frozen fruits. 

Only a few special juicers possess the ability to juice frozen fruits with proper conviction. It is very important to get proper nutrition out of frozen fruits. But you can’t get it if you don’t juice frozen fruits properly. For this reason, many of us wonder if they can juice frozen fruit or not? So let’s know the answer to the question!

Can you juice frozen fruit properly?

If you have the proper tools and proper knowledge then “of course” it is possible to juice frozen fruits. Some of the frozen fruits out there are very hard to mesh and bring the pulp out. Usually, the pulp from frozen fruits is very hard and you can’t extract the juice from it. But if you use a good juicer and maintain some precautions then juicing frozen fruits becomes very easy. Frozen fruits will always leave some nutrients behind even if you properly juice them. But make sure that you can get most of the nutrients out of them.

How to make juice with frozen fruit?

There are not so many ways to juice frozen fruits! Due to the rough nature and hardness, one needs to follow a certain technique to extract the juice from frozen fruits. The regular technique that almost every health expert or cook follows is that they just keep frozen fruits at someplace and wait until they thaw. Once they have properly got soften you can just put them on the juicer and extract the juice out of the pulp.

But keep in mind that you can’t juice frozen fruits directly or else it can harm your juicer and you will never get the juice from it. Even though many special juicers can juice frozen fruits directly but they also leave a lot of nutrients behind. So thawing them before juicing is the best way to juice frozen fruit.

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Is it healthy to juice frozen fruits?

As far as nutrition is concern, I would say that it is healthy to consume the juice from frozen fruits. But to make it healthy you need to juice it in a manner that most of the important nutrients remain in it. Nutrition is the main reason behind different varieties of fruit juices. Most fruits consist of a huge amount of nutrition that can give us a great health boost. For this reason, most health experts advise us to consume them.

But in frozen fruit, the problem is that the nutrition stays intact. So we need to unlock them with a proper juicing technique. If you manage to get the technique right and bring out most of the nutrients then it is surely healthy to juice frozen fruits. Yes, the amount of nutrition will be mild but still it will be healthy!

What type of juicers can juice frozen fruit?

There are mostly two types of juicers that people use to juice frozen fruit. Masticating juicer and centrifugal juicer. Both juicers have different techniques for juice. So different people have different opinions about both of the juicers and prefer to use them separately.

A centrifugal juicer is more strong and works very fast. But the flaw is that it will leave more pulp. Therefore, more nutrients will get lost. On the other hand, the process of a masticating juicer is very slow and steady. It meshes the frozen fruit many times and extracts the juice from the pulp. So you will get more nutrition. But it takes a lot of time so many people use centrifugal juicers.

But remember that no matter what juicer you pick choosing the right juicing technique is very important.

What type of frozen fruits can you juice?

There are so many fruits people like to juice. Among them, grapes and berries are the most famous frozen fruits that people like to juice. When a frozen berry is being juiced it leaves a very rich and nutritious liquid that tastes very well. Besides berry, there is apple, orange, mangoes, cherry, strawberry, avocado, and many other frozen fruits that people love to juice. Make sure before freezing them you cut them into small pieces. So that you can easily juice them at the frozen state or else the big size can get stuck into your juicer.

Some frozen fruit juices you would love to try-

Acai Smoothie Bowl

The Acai smoothie bowl is probably the most popular frozen fruit juice in the world right now. It is made from rich acai berries. These berries are known for their historic rich taste and sweet smell. To make an Acai smoothie bowl all cooks store frozen acai berries and then juice them in their juicer. Then they mix milk, yogurt, or some other layer of food item with it. This smoothie bowl is very delicious and it is considered to be very nutritious as well. So you should try it!

Mixed berry smoothie with chia seeds

This is also a popular frozen fruit juice that many people love to have and start their day with. To make the mixed berry smoothie with chia seeds the first thing to do is get different sorts of frozen berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. After juicing them properly you have to mix milk, yogurt, and chia seeds with them. This is a very healthy and nutritious frozen fruit juice. If you are a health-conscious person then this juice can be good for you. It also tastes very well!

Orange juice smoothie

Who doesn’t love oranges! Right? Orange is a very nutritious, tasty, and healthy food. So using frozen oranges to make smoothies is always fun and useful. Making an orange juice smoothie is very simple. All you have to do is extract the juice from the frozen oranges and add milk or yogurt with it. Many people like to use frozen orange juice smoothies as a morning drink or a refreshing drink after hard work.

The Conclusion

Juicing frozen fruits is always okay if you use them the proper way. Many people do not use the systematic technique and leave too much pulp behind or don’t cut the fruits into pieces before freezing them. For this reason, they face massive problems while juicing. So always take the precautions nicely and do not miss out on any important thing. Buy yourself a strong juicer before you decide to juice frozen fruits. Because all juicers can not juice frozen fruits. You will require a strong juicer for it. We hope this article gives you the answer to the question “can you juice frozen fruits or not?”

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