Can you juice frozen vegetables?

When it comes to gaining proper nutrition and enhance our health, there is no alternative to vegetables. The amount of nutrition and vitamin vegetables can provide us is incomparable. For this reason, many of us like to juice vegetables now and then to get the raw vitamins directly from nature. 

But there was always confusion between juicing fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables. People often question us, Can you Juice Frozen Vegetables? Are Frozen Vegetables Healthy? How To Juice Frozen Vegetables? So we have dug up the information regarding these questions and prepared the answers you are looking for!

Can you juice frozen vegetables?

If your question is “ Can you juice frozen vegetables?” then my answer will always be a “BIG YES”. You can surely juice frozen vegetables and you will be glad to know a lot of people prefer to juice frozen vegetables over fresh vegetables. There are many reasons for that. If you have the right tool as I mean to say the right juicer and if you know the right technique of juicing then you can easily juice frozen vegetables. Some of us may have doubts about the amount of nutrition between frozen vegetables and fresh vegetables. In my opinion, fresh vegetables do have more nutrition but frozen vegetables also have their advantages. So don’t back yourself from frozen vegetables.

How to juice frozen vegetables?

This has always been a confusing question. Many of us want to have nutrition from frozen vegetables or like the way they taste but they don’t exactly know how to juice frozen vegetables. Sometimes they try to juice it randomly but the process gets uglier and they make a mess out of it. So whenever you are juicing frozen vegetables just remember you will need to follow a certain method. Because without the right method you won’t be able to get the best amount of vitamins and nutrition out of them and the vegetables will get wasted. There are two techniques that people use to juice frozen vegetables –

Thaw them first

The first thing expert cooks or juice lovers do before juicing frozen vegetables is that they fully thaw the veggies. When the vegetables are fresh, the number of vitamins and nutrients in them are free and there is no more water in them. But the case is different for frozen vegetables. When they are kept in the freezer for a long time the cold temperature kind of locks the whole nutrition process and fills it with too much water.

So if you directly juice frozen vegetables you will see there is always too much water and most importantly it will not have enough nutrition. So after taking vegetables out of the freezer just wait until they have fully thawed. Besides that, frozen vegetables are very hard so if you don’t thaw then it can cause harm to your juicer.

Use a cloth to dry out the pulp

Many people also like to use a cloth to separate the dry pulp and raw juice from vegetables. This method is also known as the wringing method. In this method, after you extract the juice of the vegetable in your juicer with pulp just take a thin cloth and pass the juice through it. In this way the pulp will get caught on the cloth and dry out, then you will be getting pure juice. But do not forget to thaw the veggies first.

Is juicing frozen vegetables healthy enough?

According to experts juicing frozen vegetables is healthy and it is normal to consume them. If you just search and look through it then the majority of the sites will say that it’s healthy. But the question here is “ Are they healthy enough?” if you want to compare frozen vegetables and fresh vegetables. Then juicing fresh vegetables will always be my opinion. Because you will get up to 95% nutrients and vitamins if you juice fresh vegetables. Which frozen vegetables will not be able to offer you. But it’s not like juicing frozen vegetables is not good for health and all. It is still healthy for you but not just as healthy as fresh vegetables.

The advantages of juicing frozen vegetables

The benefit of juicing frozen vegetables is indeed slightly less than fresh vegetables. But juicing frozen vegetables also have advantages that make them better than fresh vegetables. The fact is that they are still vegetables right! The only difference is frozen and fresh. They are still healthy, filled with vitamins and nutrients. Except for these, there are still more advantages of juicing frozen vegetables –

Get your favorite veggie during the whole year

One big advantage of juicing frozen vegetables is that you can get your favorite vegetable at any time of the year. You can have carrots in summer and spinach during the monsoon. Just knowing the fact that they are frozen you can just easily store them for many days and take out them any time to enjoy tasty and healthy juice!

Get more juice than fresh vegetables

You will be surprised to know the fact that frozen vegetables extract more amount of juice than fresh vegetables. After keeping the vegetables for so many days in the freezer the amount of water inside them increases. So after you fully thaw them the amount of water still remains more than fresh vegetables. For this reason, you will always get more juice yield from frozen vegetables.

The juicers used for juicing frozen vegetables

There are not so many juicers used for juicing frozen vegetables. Just remember that your juicer needs to be strong and the blades need to be sharp. People mostly used two types of juicers for juicing frozen vegetables and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. So many people have many opinions about them. Just keep reading to know more about them –

Masticating Juicer

A masticating juicer can be great for juicing frozen vegetables. It is more strong and the blades inside it are sharp. It slowly grinds the vegetables and extracts more amount of juice compared to any other juicer. But the problem with these juicers is that the process in them is very slow. But just because of bringing out more nutrition people admire it a lot.

Centrifugal Juicer

If you want to juice frozen vegetables as quickly as possible then a centrifugal juicer will be perfect for you. The process inside a centrifugal juicer is very fast and it will extract juice within a minute. But you will not get enough nutrients from it and most of the time many vegetables will get waste. 

The conclusion

I am sure that now you know the answer to the question on “can you juice frozen vegetables or not?” extracting the juice from the frozen vegetable is very good and as health experts say it is also very healthy. So if you have the right juicer and you have properly thawed the vegetables before juicing them then you will always get a proper amount of nutrients and vitamins. Hope this article has provided you with all the necessary answers related to juicing frozen vegetables! 

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