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Most of the juice lovers and health experts must have heard the name of Hurom H101 Slow Masticating Juicer. Like the old HH and H0 series, this one has also made its name a few times! Many also say that this version is slightly better than the previous versions. The Juice quality and nutrition preservation ability of this juicer is also top-notch.

Many people struggle to chop vegetables and fruits to gain nutrition. In this case juicing can always be the better option and with this wonderful Hurom H101 juicer, you can easily preserve more amount of vitamins, nutrients, and other necessary items in your juice. So if you are thinking about buying it then keep reading our Hurom H101 Review!

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Best Features

  • Can juice all types of food
  • Cleaning it, Is like a piece of cake!
  • Can preserve more amount nutrients compared to other juicers
  • Keeps the pulp dry
  • All metal parts are BPA free

Overall Rating

Hurom H101 Pros and Cons

  • Can juice all types of food
  • Cleaning it, Is like a piece of cake!
  • Can preserve more amount nutrients compared to other juicers
  • Keeps the pulp dry
  • All metal parts are BPA free
  • Juice stays good for 72 hours
  • Has a nice titled chamber
  • Relatively quiet motor
  • Can easily be disassembled and assembled
  • The blade doesn’t have any sharp edges that make it safe
  • All the controls are very easy to use
  • The concept of the juicing screen is fascinating
  • Slowly squeezes the juice out from the dry pulp at 43 rpm speed
  • The working speed is slow
  • Not for commercial use
  • Unsafe for dishwasher
  • Feeding chute is narrow
  • The veggies and fruits need to chop into small pieces first

Hurom 101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer Comes with –

The Hurom 101 easy clean slow masticating juicer comes with a very precise and handy set of various components. All of these parts are specifically designed by the expert manufacturers of Hurom for making the rich and healthy quality of juice.

The standing components that you will notice first in this juicer are the twin wing auger, juicer body with chamber and hopper, a juicing strainer, smoothie strainer, and ice cream strainer. All of these parts are both easy to clean and easy to use. Besides these items, you will also find a cleaning brush, pusher, recipe book, user guide, and juice and pulp container in it.

Hurom 101 Juicer Specifications-

Motor and Body

The motor is regarded to be the powerhouse of any juicer and the body nature can tell how long a juicer might last. in the case of this juicer, you will be glad to know that both are strong and highly rated. The motor of this juicer has a power of 60hz, 120v, 150w and it rotates its auger with a slow 63 rpm speed.

Which ensures proper nutrition preservation and long-life juice. After 30 minutes of a showdown, the motor stops and reduces overheating situation. The body of this juicer has been made with very hard plastic and a compact vertical housing design. So it will not require much space at all.

Drum, hopper, and feeding chute

One of the few things inside this juicer that makes it different than the rest is the chamber or drum, hopper, and feeding chute. The chamber size inside the juicer is 16.9oz(500ml) which can store juice easily. The ultimate 2 x 1.5-inch feeding chute has 2 inlets sized in small and big. The smaller one is for the narrow vegetables and fruits such as carrots and celery.

The bigger inlet lets you put chunks of apples, carrots, tomatoes, grapes, or bigger slices of ingredients. But people mostly suggest cutting down the carrots and beets into small pieces before putting them through the chute. Another special thing in this juicer is the pulp outlet that easily allows you to check the thickness of the juice.


The Hurom H101 features a dual-wing auger system that can separate the pulp and juice within minutes. The dual-wing auger cuts the ingredients into smaller pieces at the first stage and then chews out juice at the second stage. The blades inside it have no sharp edges and it’s also made from a chemical resistant polymer known as ULTEM plastic.

Juicing screen

The concept of the whole juicing screen in random juicers has been completely changed in this Hurom H 101 juicer. Instead of a proper juicer juicing screen, it uses two strainers together that form a strong combination of thin slits which allows the juice to flow and separate the pulp at the same time. You can even remove both of the strainers to get better access to the screen for cleaning purposes and avoid the use of any spinning brush.


This Hurom easy to clean slow juicer features two different containers for juice and pulp. The material that has been used to make this container is BPA-free Tritan Copolyester which is high-quality material. The containers are very strong and built precisely to save extra housing space.

Things Hurom 101 can juice –

Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables by preserving high juice yield and nutrition is the biggest achievement of this juicer. You will not find such a juicer that can work with so many types of fruits and vegetables with maintaining such a good juice quality. You can process broader fruits like apples, narrower vegetables like beets, carrots, and also leafy greens all at one juicer.

It is also very good with juicing frozen fruits at the same time. Juice lovers and health experts always brag about the fresh, rich taste, higher vitamins of fruit juice, vegetable juice, smoothies, nut milk, and ice cream made with the help of this juicer!

How does Hurom 101 slow juicer work?

The juicer has a very authentic way of working if you compare it with other juicers on the market. At first one needs to cut the vegetables, fruits, or other foods into small pieces so they can be passed through the feeding chute inlets. You can choose the small or big inlet according to the size of the food. Once the food is passed through the chute it will fall into the sharp auger or blade. Then you can start the motor and wait for few minutes.

Soon you will notice that the juice is being flowed into the juice chamber and the pulp is being separately stored in an outside container. When the juicing is done you can easily collect it in the container provided with the juicer or store it in glass by placing it under the spout. The juicer can work non-stop for 30 minutes and provide you with fresh quality juice. After that, it will automatically stop and you can simply detach the parts for a nice clean-up. Some people also like to collect the pulp from separate containers for various uses.

See it in action –

Hurom 101 Easy to clean Juicer review by – Hurom America

Quality of Juice

This Juicer is especially known for its rich juice quality. The motor and auger inside it first shreds the food into pieces and then chews up juice from it. As a result, the pulp gets separated from the juice and gets stored in another container. The juice you gain from it has no pulp so it doesn’t get that bitter taste and stays light and fresh.

Due to the slow grinding process the there is also not much oxidation. So all the important nutrients and vitamins of the juice stay intact. The taste, juice quality, and amount everything stays perfect up to 72 hours!

Replacement Parts Availability

You will always find Hurom h101 replacement parts available in the market. it’s a very popular product and lots of people buy it. So the company makes sure there are is no shortage of parts. The parts also have a 2-year warranty. So you can easily get replacement parts directly from the agent or online as well.

Best Features of Hurom 101 Juicer –

Very easy to clean

Hurom H101 slow masticating jucier has a hassle-free cleaning process. If you as any user almost everyone will say it’s very easy to clean. There are no additional soaps, detergents, or special powder required to clean it. You can just simply detach all the parts one by one and clean them with water. After cleaning you can wipe out the water with a cloth or air dry it for some time.

You will be glad to know that it is a total srub-free cleaning process. The strainers and container can also be easily assembled and disassembled. The auger and the blades also have no sharp edges. So there will be no risk of getting hurt while cleaning it.

Tilted chamber to pour juice easily

If you see other juicers or grinders you will notice the chamber is a bit straight. So after meshing the juice doesn’t nicely flow to the chamber and as a result, one needs to slowly pour juice from it. But in this Hurom H101 easy to clean slow juicer review you will see the chamber is a bit tilted so that juice can be easily flowed and poured out in a container, jar, or glass through the spout.

No sharp edges

As you have already read before, the auger and blades in this juicer have no sharp edges and points that might cut your hands or hurt you in some way. Many juicers these days have sharp edges. Which increases the chances of any user getting hurt. Besides sharp edges also create problems while cleaning. Sometimes the cloth also gets stuck into the edges. So if you use this amazing juicer then you are on a plus point from this point of view.

Quiet Motor

The juicer has a powerful 60hz, 120v, 150w motor. But the surprising fact is that despite being so powerful it still stays relatively quiet than other juicers. If you use this juicer you can work with a sound mind or get your fresh morning juice without hearing those creepy noises that other juicers make. Sometimes these creepy sounds also disturb others so with this juicer you can also save their ears from the loud noise.

It does slow squeeze

The benefit of slow squeezing is that the juice gets out slowly and the fruits or vegetables are being meshed with full strength. As a result, all the fibers and vitamins get perfectly added to the juice. Besides that, a slow 63 rpm squeezing also makes sure of not producing much heat that results in oxidation. Which can spoil the whole taste and health of the juice. Slow squeezing also keeps the pulp separated and maintains the quality of the juice for 72 hours.

Made up of quality material

The main body of the juicer has been made with hard plastic that will last for a long. time. Then you will see all the containers and strainers are made with premium material. The auger inside it is also made from premium ULTEM plastic which is also chemical resistant. The metal components and parts especially the blade inside the juicer are also BPA-free. So this juicer is a combination of quality material and parts. This can surely serve you for a long time.

Has Ice Cream Strainer

How many juicers these days come with ice cream strainers? The answer will be few and this juicer will also be on that list. You will see a nice ice cream strainer in the juicer for processing ice or frozen fruits and make delicious ice cream and sorbet with it. This is a great advantage for those people who like to make a variety of dishes with their juicer.

Easy Controls

The control system is also very easy in this juicer. All you need to do is put your food through the feeding chute and see if it perfectly dropped in the auger. Then you can just close the lid and turn on the switch. You can adjust the speed with another switch and maintain the timing according to the thickness of the juice you want to make. Soon you will have fresh juice from it!

Assembling and Disassembling is Hassle-free

Most of the juicers these days have materials and they don’t have a proper system of disassembling or assembling. So the users always get confused while cleaning. For this reason, the creators of this juicer have kept the attachments easily removable. You can just detach the strainers anytime to clean and attach them again according to your wish.

Gives Warranty

Another great thing about the Hurom H101 juicer is that it gives a very good deal to its customers. You can also get a 10-year warranty on the motor and a 2-year warranty on all the parts. During this time you have unlimited access to changes in the part or motor or even getting a new juicer if any issue happens with the juicer.

Technical Specification of Hurom H101 –

TypeCold press juicer, Masticating Juicer, Slow Juicer
Juice qualityHigh
Juice shelf life72 hours
Dishwasher safeNo
Pulp ejectionExternal
Motor43 rpm
Wattage150 watts
Chute size2 x 1.5 inch (crescent)
BuildBPA free plastic
ColorSilver, black
Noise levelQuiet
Warranty10 years on motor and 2 years on the parts
Best for juicingFruits, leafy greens, frozen fruits, nuts and beans, other soft items
ApplianceHome use/kitchen use

Final Verdict

The main reason behind making the Hurom h101 juicer was to reduce the chore time of people and only enjoy juicing. Sometimes it becomes hard for people to make all the preparations before juicing and then cleaning the juicer after work. For this reason, some people also skip. But with this juicer, you won’t need to worry about making the preparation much and the cleanup process is also very easy and fast. You can simply enjoy the fresh, rich quality, and tasty juice anytime you want! So this is all our hurom h101 juicer review about hope you liked it and would prefer to buy it for your everyday juicing.

FAQs About Hurom H101 Slow Juicer –

Does it work with carrots and beets?

Yes, it does work with carrots and beets. But you must cut the big chunks into small pieces before putting them through the feeding hole or they might get stuck inside the auger!

When the plastics parts break, where can I get replacement parts?

Hurom H101 juicer has a 2-year warranty on all the parts(including plastic). So if it breaks within 2 years you can directly contact the manufacturers and get a replacement in few days. But if it breaks after 2 years then you can get all the parts available online or in some specific stores. You can easily get the parts through Hurom’s official website and Amazon as well.

Does this easy-clean model have an ice cream attachment?

You must be glad to know that the easy-clean model known as Hurom h101 has an ice cream attachment with it. You can use it anytime to make amazing ice creams and sorbets.

Where is it made?

Hurom is a South Korean kitchen appliance company, which was founded in 1974. so this model of Hurom h101 is a famous juicer made by its manufacturers. In their working zone, they make all parts cleanly with proper attention and quality material.

What is the longevity of these machines?

Generally, juicers made by Hurom lasts for a long time. In this particular H101 juicer, there are plastic parts backed by 2 years of warranty, and the motor is also backed by 10 years of warranty. So you can be sure that within 10 years there will be no problem with this juicer. After 10 years depending on the use it can still serve you for up to 5 or 6 years more.

Is it possible to cold press fresh olive oil with this machine?

No Hurom can not make oils from olives or any other vegetable. There are different juicers or machines found in the market for cold pressing olive oil.

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