Best juice for morning empty stomach

Best juice for morning empty stomach

A healthy person nearly sleeps 7-8 hours a day! During that long period, the water level of our body keeps decreasing. So, our stomach becomes dehydrated till morning time! Many also suffer from various skin problems, allergies, constipation, etc. If they don’t consume the required amount of water. So, to stay healthy you can choose fresh juice in the morning and kick start your body’s internal activities for the day!

Many tests confirm that “people who drink different types of juices are 20 times healthier than people who don’t”. In this article we’ll talk about the best juice for morning empty stomach that will surely benefit you.

Even though it’s not a good choice to use juice as a proper meal but it’s mostly essential alongside a proper meal or you can consume the juice in break times during the meal. In this way, you can perfectly digest the food and also get the prominent portion of nutrients from it for the day.

Health experts, diet specialists, and juice lovers all tend to rely on very fresh and simple juices to improve their health. After taking their proper suggestions we have gathered a list of some fresh morning juices for empty stomachs that you can juice in the best juicers!

But before you find the name of those morning fresh juices and which juice is best for empty stomach you should know some benefits of it these are as follows –

Benefits of juices in morning empty stomach –

Keeps clear from skin diseases

Skin diseases are a headache to all. The main reason behind the cause of skin disease is drinking less fluid or water. When the body doesn’t get enough water or fluid then it starts to get drier and drier. This dry skin is easily exposed to bacteria, harmful chemicals, gases in the air and the sun. So, all of these cause many dangerous skin diseases. If you drink nutritious drinks every morning you’ll be less likely to suffer from any kind of skin disease!

Improves digestion 

In the morning our body is dehydrated. So, if we eat anything before consuming some kind of liquid the stomach will need more time to digest or some people may develop a new disease if they continue this habit for a long time. If you drink a glass of juice or even plain water your body’s digestion process will be active enough to digest any kind of morning food.

Removes acne or pimples

Acne or pimples are also a result of drinking less water or nutrients. Consuming less amount of water, juice or fluid dries up the skin, and some areas of skin which become very dry turn into acne or pimple. So, if you try to drink a healthy juice every morning you can cure acne or pimples completely.

Keeps you fit

If you want a fit body and keep yourself ready for any kind of task you’ll need to eat or consume high nutrients and vitamins. The easiest way to get nutrients and vitamins alongside taste is by drinking juices of vegetables and rich fruits. A glass of fruit or vegetable juice carries all the healthy components which improve the body’s growth and keeps us fit and healthy.

The best juice for morning empty stomach-

Celery juice

Celery is very healthy and it consists of very rich vitamins and nutrients that can carry the energy of your day. You must’ve heard about celery juices everywhere and their benefits as well. People from different places around the world are having celery juices in the morning and they have gained many advantages through it. Some people say that it gives you calories but the amount is very low and healthy for you. The best time to have celery juice is 15-20 minutes after waking up and after some time you can have your breakfast.

Orange juice

Everyone loves orange and there are many reasons everyone should! Orange has a very good number of vitamin C in it which can keep many diseases like cold, flu, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. away from you. Besides all that a study also shows that orange is a very good asset for improving brain functions. Those people who eat an empty stomach orange juice every day are likely to have a more creative brain. So, you must add orange juice to the list of your daily morning juices.

Beet juice

Beet juices are the best from everywhere. The color of beet juice looks amazing. It looks very beautiful and it’s also the healthiest drink for anyone. Beets are very good to control diabetes and many kinds of kidney or liver problems. It has essential nutrients that keep the blood flow clean and they also create a very strong immune system in the body. As a result, we don’t get caught by any kind of illness easily. 

Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice can be a very good source of getting the benefits of vitamin C and A in your body. Having watermelon juice every morning will refresh your body and calm the mind. Especially during summer, it’s the best way to start your day. It will keep your immune system strong all day even if you just consume a little amount of it. Although it can increase your sugar levels a bit so those who have higher diabetes problems can skip this one!

Green leafy juice

It’s the most ancient and healthiest drink according to many experts. With a mixture of different natural herbs, leaves, and spices. Despite the taste, many health experts consider it as the best way to stay fit and keep the body safe from any kind of disease. Mostly it is made from a mixture of kale/spinach, apple, celery, lemon, cucumber, etc. It varies from person to person. The texture of this juice is very strong and once your body gets used to it you can feel its energy flowing through your veins!

Lemon and Ginger juice

Lemon and ginger are a very good combination. Together they taste good and also the nutrients make a good match. If you consume lemon juice empty stomach in morning with ginger juice it will boost your immunity. Whether it is juice or tea, they work as a big nutrient fund for people. It can be a very good addition to your list of morning drinks as you can refresh your body and kick start your digestion system with ease. You can drink it in many ways like you can add them in a hot or cold tea, you can also consume them by making a fresh juice too!


All of these suggestions are picked from different health expert’s statements, nutrition guides, and researched studies. If you follow any of these drinks as a daily morning drink then soon you’ll start feeling the effects. Your body will grow in nutrition, you’ll have an improved digestive system, and can also stay away from any kind of illness or disease!

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