What Is A Masticating Juicer? Centrifugal juicers vs Masticating juicers vs Cold Press


If you want to kick start your day with a glass full of fresh juice on your breakfast table or blend healthy nutrients with your daily diet, then a juicer is all you need in your kitchen! As it must be tiring to squeeze the juice from those nutrition full veggies and fruits every day, … Read more

5 Astounding Benefits Of Carrot Juice For Your Hair

carrot juice benefits for hair

Who in this world would not like a Vegetable like carrot? I get asked this question most of the time that what are the carrot juice benefits for hair. I mean what actually isn’t! Carrots are amazing, they have a perfect combo of sweet and crunchiness. Plus, this crunchy, delicious carrots are filled with vitamins … Read more

10 Amazingly best juice for weight loss in the morning

best juice for weight loss in the morning

Looking for a natural remedy to aid weight loss? Then, juicing for weight loss – might sound like a crazy new concept to shed those extra layer of fat from your body within weeks; nonetheless, juice cleansing is not! Although there are several benefits linked with consuming juices; ranging from helping you to lose weight, … Read more

Best rice cooker under 100

Best rice cooker under 100

Now, what can we say about rice? If you ask an Asian the person would probably say “it’s his life!”. The price of a rice grain is beyond our imagination for the people who know it’s actual worth. Rice is a source of food which has a big impact on our life! As we can … Read more

10 Astonishing health benefits of drinking carrot juice on empty stomach

benefits of drinking carrot juice on empty stomach

Carrots are nutrient-dense root vegetables with numerous health-promoting effects. Aside from providing tons of health benefits, these crunchy, sweet, and tasty roots are probably one of the yummiest veggies, found all around the world. These roots come in different pigments ranging from red, orange, to yellow and can be consumed in both cooked or raw … Read more

Best juice for morning empty stomach

Best juice for morning empty stomach

A healthy person nearly sleeps 7-8 hours a day! During that long period, the water level of our body keeps decreasing. So, our stomach becomes dehydrated till morning time! Many also suffer from various skin problems, allergies, constipation, etc. If they don’t consume the required amount of water. So, to stay healthy you can choose … Read more

10 Amazing Onion and lemon Juice benefits You Never Knew About

onion and lemon juice benefits

In this world of exponential growth of pollution, the urge to search for healthy foods is as tough as finding a needle in a pack of bushes. As a consequence we usually end up relying more on medicines and chemicals for a healthy and diseases free life. Not to mention those chemicals are quite expensive … Read more