What are the Main Differences Between Black and White Truffles?

Generally speaking, truffles that are a kind of fungus have several different types, including black, summer, Bianchetto, winter, and white truffles. But the two most famous of these five are white and black truffles. Many people think that their color is the only point that makes them distinct, but other things also make them different. So we’ll be talking about the main difference between black and white truffle here.

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Main Difference between Black and White Truffles

As mentioned above, these two truffles are different in terms of color. The experts have indicated that white and black truffles differ regarding texture, harvesting seasons if they can be cultivated, and cost.

Color and Texture is Basic Dissimilarity

Both color and texture of black and white truffles are different. You will find that the white ones are slightly yellowish-white. The outer appearance of white truffles is smooth. When you look at black truffles, they resemble the bark of a tree. Also, it will have a rigid and rough exterior.

In the Seasons They are Harvested

September, January, October, and November are the peak season for cultivating because they grow in these months. The white truffles are always found in the Tuscany and Piedmont region of Italy. Black truffles originate from France, but they have been found in other parts of Europe, America, and Australia. Their harvest season is between December and March.

Which ones can be Cultivated?

It has been mentioned in the above point that white truffles are stubborn. The cultivators have tried to harvest this fungus in other countries with a similar climate, but they have failed. Whereas, black truffles were seen growing in some parts of America, Europe, and Australia, so it can be said that they can be harvested as a crop in other parts of the world.

Which Truffle Type is more Expensive?

The white truffles are extremely rare to find and grow in the northern regions of Italy and France. Also, they can’t be cultivated, so they are more expensive than black truffles. An ounce of white truffles can almost cost two to two and fifty dollars, whereas the same weight of black truffles comes at the price of fifty to sixty dollars.

Facts to Know About White Truffles

Experts have recommended that you know facts about white truffles before you make preparations for purchasing from online stores like Tartuflanghe. These facts will help you differentiate between white and black truffles. You will also get an idea about Alba truffles, the importance of harvest time, where you can get truffles, and the identification of fresh white truffles.

Alba Truffles Don’t Belong to Alba

Some white truffles are given the name Alba, but this doesn’t mean that all white tubers come from Piedmont. The white truffles are scattered all across Tuscany, Abruzzo, and Emilio Romagna. You have to know that white truffles grow in seven Italian regions.

Don’t Miss the Harvesting Time

Culinary experts have suggested waiting for the right time to buy the white truffles. Although the products available have preservatives, nothing can compare the taste and aroma of fresh truffles. So, wait till September or January to buy white truffles.

Order Truffles Online from Renowned Stores

It is important to know which online store gives the best products, including white truffle salt, powder, honey, oil, butter, and sauces. You can read the reviews and comments given by buyers and decide which store provides the best products; as mentioned above, you have to wait for January and September until you buy fresh white truffles.

Know Identification Method of White Truffles

There are a few steps that you can take to determine if the white truffles are fresh. First of all, you have to sniff them. The aroma should be strong and earthy. Then you can press the truffles and feel the firmness. Next, check the weight of the two truffles; the heavier truffle will be fresh as it will contain more water.

The main difference between black and white truffles and the information you should have when ordering the latter have been mentioned above.

These are the important questions you should ask when deciding between white and black truffles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are black or white truffles better?

Both black and white truffles are unique and have distinct qualities that make both of them better. But if you look at the availability, black truffles should be your choice because they can be harvested in other regions of the world, making them inexpensive.

Can truffles be eaten raw?

Yes, truffles can be eaten raw as they can be grated, finely sliced, and topped on various Italian dishes. If you wish to cook the truffles, it should be done to the minimum.

Is it truffle poop?

No type of truffles is considered to be poop. This misconception has developed because of the appearance of black truffles. They are dark-colored and have a rough outer coat.

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