Triturating vs Masticating juicer

Juicing has always been the option for gaining nutrients from fruits and vegetables. A huge number of people daily consume nutritious juice to maintain their physique and health. This is the main reason behind Juicers being so demanding these days. Today if you visit the market there will be various kinds of juicers at different prices, features, and sizes.

Among such a variety of juicers, the most popular ones are Masticating juicer, Triturating or twin gear juicer, and centrifugal juicer. In this topic, we will only highlight different information, ideas, benefits, and non-benefits about Triturating vs Masticating juicer and compare them from different views and angles so that you can distinguish them according to your benefit!

Triturating vs Masticating juicer

Comparison Panel

FunctionsMasticating JuicerTriturating Juicer
Speed40-100 Rpm80-100 Rpm
Juice YieldVery High and dry PulpHigh and Dry Pulp
ApplianceFamily use or kitchen applianceKitchen and short commercial use
FeaturesJuice Extraction, Food processing and pulp ejectionJuice extraction, Proper Food Process and minimal pulp ejection
Degradation Time36-72 hours36-72 hours
Cleaning Time5 to 7 minutes7 to 10 minutes
Weight12-20 lbs20-30 lbs

Definition of a Masticating Juicer

The Masticating juicer slowly chews up juice from different vegetables and fruits. it has a very slow process of making juice. For this reason, it is also known as a slow juicer. A masticating juicer like Hurom 101 is famous for its high juice yield and rich juice quality.

The slow process reduces too much heat or oxidation risk. As a result, the juice stays filled with 90% nutrition. Those who are concerned about health and fitness always choose best masticating juicer but, due to the slow process, some people also avoid it. Besides slow work process also makes it unsuitable for commercial use.

Definition of a Triturating Juicer

A Triturating juicer is almost like a masticating juicer but the difference is it has less process time and less juice yield than a masticating juicer. It has two augers instead of one like other juicers. So people also know it by the name of twin gear juicer. The juicer can extract juice in minimal time and give you quality juice that preserves 60%-80% of nutrients.

People mostly like it for its good speed and less process time. But intending to get more nutrition and health benefit some people also avoid it. People can use it for both short business and home use.

Masticating Juicer Working process

The working process of a masticating juicer is simpler than other juicers and it has a traditional way of extracting juice. The juicer has a fine feeding chute and one auger.

Once the fruits, vegetables, nuts, or other foods are passed through the feeding chute and fall into the auger you can turn the machine on. In the auger, foods will be slowly shredded into small pieces and then slowly the juice will start flowing through the auger to the juice chamber and the pulp will be stored in a separate container.

Any masticating juicer will slowly work and give you 100% quality juice that will be filled with rich nutrients.

Triturating Juicer Working process

A triturating juicer or a twin gear juicer has two augers instead of one. These two augers are connected in a way that creates a strong bond. First, you have to put the chopped foods through the feeding chute and they will first go into the first auger where they will be cut or shredded into small pieces.

Then in the second auger, the blades will slowly chew up juice from the food which is almost like the eating process of a human. After that, the juice will be stored in the chamber and the pulp will be stored in a separate container. Many people also use the pulp to make baby food as well.

Pros and cons of masticating juicer

  • High juice yield
  • 90% nutrient and vitamin preservation
  • No oxidation
  • Creates less heat and less risk
  • Less prepare time
  • Saves proper taste
  • Dry pulp
  • Can be very helpful for maintaining health
  • Slow working process
  • Only for home use
  • Not many features

Pros and cons of Triturating juicer

  • Quick work process
  • Very easy to clean
  • Can be used for both home and mini business
  • All parts can be easily detached and assembled
  • Holds 60%-80% nutrients and vitamins
  • Pulp is separated in a different container
  • Has two augers instead of one
  • Chews up juice from foods instead of grinding
  • Creates more heat and oxidation than masticating juicer
  • Can not preserve the high amount of nutrients and vitamins
  • Need more preparation time than masticating juicers

Comparison of speed and preparation time

If you want to compare the speed and prepare time between a masticating juicer and a triturating juicer then the speed of a triturating juicer is more and the preparation time of a masticating juicer is less. Triturating juicers can be faster than masticating juicers due to the two augers they have. That is why is also one of the best juicers on the market.

On the other hand, masticating juicers also known as cold press juicers, don’t require the food to be cut into exact small pieces due to bigger feeding holes. So a masticating juicer is better for its less preparation time and the triturating juicer is better for its speed.

Comparison of juice quality

Both masticating and triturating juicers produce juice that has good quality and better taste. But if you deeply compare the juice quality then masticating juicers will always come out on top because of their slow juice extraction and better nutrition and vitamin preservation.

A masticating juicer creates less heat and avoids any kind of oxidation. So the juice quality, taste, and health benefits stay high.

Triturating juicers on the other hand creates a little bit of oxidation that stops high nutrient preservation but the taste remains very good.

Comparison of price

If you consider price as a factor then triturating juicers will be more costly than even the best cold press juicers. There are many important reasons for that too. Triturating juicers are built with better quality parts and materials. These juicers are also made less in number than masticating juicers.

Even though they can be used for both home and commercial use triturating juicers come at more cost. Masticating juicers are less in price do almost the same job as a triturating juicer.

Comparison of the items one can juice

In masticating juicer, you can mostly use normal fruits like apples, pears, grapes, etc, and all leafy greens such as spinach, beans, etc. Masticating juicers are mostly best for juicing leafy greens. These juicers are not so good with hard foods like nuts and can not be used for processing frozen fruits.

While triturating juicers are compatible with all kinds of fruits, leafy greens, and other foods. You can also use it for processing frozen fruits and make delightful ice creams or sorbets with it.

Twin gear juicer vs masticating – Which one can be the best for you?

Both masticating juicers and twin gear juicers have their advantages and disadvantages. So it becomes hard for people to decide which one is the best for them. First, you have to know the requirements and features of a juicer you need to get your job done.

Then you have to go through the specifications and look at which juicer matches your requirements. Only then you can choose whether a triturating juicer is good for you or a masticating juicer.

Final Verdict (Triturating vs Masticating juicer)

There is a wide variety of juicers and models on the market. Among them, a triturating and masticating juicer is a big name. We have provided all the information about them and given some valid reasons so that you can compare them. So after reading all the facts you can now easily know which one can be good for you!

FAQ About Triturating vs Masticating juicer:

Which juicer saves more nutrients?

Between a masticating juicer and a triturating juicer, a masticating juicer always saves more nutrients. It works slowly and creates less heat and oxidation which causes maximum nutrient and vitamin preservation.

Is a Cold press juicer the same masticating juicer?

Masticating juicers are also known as cold press juicers. They slowly grind juice from different fruits and vegetables and produce healthy and tasty juice.

Are Triturating juicer or twin gear juicer the same?

Many people call triturating juicers by the name of twin gear juicers. These juicers have two augers instead of one. So they are also called twin gear juicers.

Are Triturating juicers costly?

Yes, they are! But if you compare the price and the product rating then triturating juicers are always worth it as they can provide you tasty and healthy juice within less time.

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