Is An Egg Cooker Worth It: Everything You Need To Know

We live in the 21st century, and you will find new kitchen tools every now and then to make your life easier. One such tool or gadget is an Egg cooker; this tool can be used to make hard or soft-boiled eggs in a quick time. So, is an egg cooker worth it?

Without a doubt, the egg cooker is worth every penny. If you often prepare eggs, especially in larger amounts, more than once or twice per week. You can quickly and easily produce hard-boiled eggs with it, thanks to its simplicity.

Thus, if you need clarification about whether or not to get an egg cooker, you are in the correct place. Today we will discuss everything about an egg cooker you need to know.

What is an Egg Cooker and How does it Work?

Before we get down to whether you need an egg cooker or not, we need to understand what precisely an egg cooker is and how it works. Egg cookers, also known as electric egg cookers, just require water to cook the eggs because they use steam. Many people confuse it with rice cooker but it is different from it. It only cooks eggs.

You may adjust the amount of water according to your preference for your eggs. These cookers have the capacity to cook four or six eggs simultaneously, and they come with a tiny tool called an “egg pricker” that you use to create a small hole in each egg before placing it into the cooker.

Every egg cooker includes a measuring cup that will enable you to determine the precise amount of water required for various outcomes. Before adding water to the stove, use it to estimate the water.

Three fill lines are provided on the measurement device: one for medium-boiled eggs, one for hard-boiled eggs, and one for soft-boiled eggs.

Thus, all you require is making your choice, adding the water, and turning on the egg cookers. The machine will automatically shut off after the eggs are cooked, indicating that they are finished and ready to be eaten.

Is an Egg Cooker Worth It?

Now we come to our main discussion of whether or not egg cookers are worth it. Boiling an egg perfectly might seem easy, but even for expert cooks, sometimes it becomes extremely difficult as you would need to control the amount of water and heat.

With an electric egg cooker, cooking eggs becomes very easy. A few other things will make buying an egg cooker worth it.

It can be used anywhere

it can be used anywhere

The first and most important factor that makes this gadget worth it is that it can be used anywhere. It’s a small gadget that is portable, and you do not require a stove or gas or anything to use it; all you need is an electrical power outlet, and it is good to go.

Additionally, due to its portable size, you can carry it anywhere without much fuss, and it doesn’t require much space to store. So, if you do not have access to gas or a stove, you can still use an egg cooker for cooking eggs any way you like and anywhere.

Easy to use

It is extremely easy to use an egg cooker, and it poses no risk of any injury as there is no need to use any kind of gas or fire. Even the kids can use it while I’m not home, and most mothers like it because it requires less boiling water to boil the eggs.

Simply place the eggs in the electric egg cooker and add the appropriate quantity of water to produce the ideal dippy egg for everybody in no time.

You can prepare a variety of egg types

You can prepare a variety of egg types

One of the best things about an electric egg cooker is that it can be used to prepare different types of eggs. If you have ever cooked eggs before on a stove, you know how hard it can be to achieve the perfect soft-boiled egg, but this pain is easily solved with an electric cooker.

All egg cookers come with a measuring cup with three lines indicating different hardness levels as you require. So, all you will need to do is fill the cooker with the necessary amount of water, and you can have hard, medium, and soft-boiled eggs in no time. You can also make poached eggs in an egg cooker.

You can cook a lot of eggs together

You can cook a lot of eggs together

Depending on the size of your electric egg cooker, you can cook a lot of eggs together. These cookers come with 4/6/8 and even 12 eggs cooking capacity. So, you can prepare a lot of eggs together for your family in one go.


Below, we will discuss all the faqs related to today’s discussion about egg cookers. We hope this section will further clear out all confusion.

How well do egg cookers work?

Egg cookers work very well in cooking eggs to perfection, and you can make various types of eggs in an egg cooker. They work very well using only water and some electric power. Additionally, they are very, very easy to use, and even kids can use them.

Is it simpler to peel eggs cooked in an egg cooker?

The peeling procedure is the same whether you boil the eggs in water, cook them in a steam-filled egg cooker, or cook them under pressure. Compared to eggs that were begun in a cold pot, all those eggs will be substantially simpler to shell.

Do I need to prick the eggs when cooking them in an egg cooker?

Yes, you must prick the eggs to prevent their cracking during steaming. To ensure that nothing leaks out, the bigger end of the eggs will be punctured before being inserted with that end pointing up.

How long does it take for eggs to cook in an egg cooker?

In an egg cooker, the cooking time for eggs is typically 7 to 17 minutes. Then, seal the cover over the eggs and turn on the egg cooker. A bell will sound when the water evaporates, and the eggs are cooked to your desired doneness.


We are continuously looking for gadgets to make our life easier, and an egg cooker is a gadget that will surely make your life a bit easier. These cookers work very well in cooking eggs to your required doneness without any hassle.

Always make sure to make a little hole at the top of the eggs before cooking in an egg cooker. You will get a small pricker from every egg cooker; use that to make the hole. This will ensure that the egg doesn’t leak out or burst under steam pressure inside the pot. 

Moreover, always read the instruction manual well before you start to use the egg cooker, as different cookers can have different cooking requirements.

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