Do You Need To Peel Ginger Before Juicing?

The idea of peeling ginger before juicing is being widely followed by many nutritionists all over the world. Although it is not necessary to peel ginger before juicing. Because most heavy-duty ginger juicers these days can easily remove the skin for you while juicing. But still, many questions remain unanswered!

What about the taste of the ginger peeled inside the juicer? Is it good? What about pesticides and other chemicals? Will it be healthy? These standout questions have always hindered the idea of peeling ginger. So do you peel ginger before juicing? If you want to know, then this article is for you keep on reading!

First, know the advantages to peel ginger before juicing

Ginger is considered an organic herb or spice that can also work as a medicine for various diseases. Indeed, peeling the ginger will not change much of its features or boost up its health benefits. The only change or benefit you can gain is less juicing time and it can also save you from consuming any harmful skin part of the ginger. Sometimes consuming a ginger root directly can bring you danger so if you peel it or wash it then it can be more healthy and filled with numerous benefits!

So, do you really need to peel ginger before juicing?

It is not necessary to peel ginger before juicing, but it’s a personal preference. Ginger peel contains beneficial compounds such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, so leaving the skin on can add some nutritional value to your juice. However, ginger skin can be tough and fibrous, which may affect the texture of your juice.

If you prefer a smoother juice, you can peel the ginger before juicing. To do so, you can use a vegetable peeler or a spoon to scrape off the skin. Another option is to grate the ginger before adding it to your juicer, which will break down the fibers and result in a smoother juice.

Methods of peeling Ginger before juicing –

How to peel ginger quickly?

There are indeed many ways to peel ginger. But the most common and effective way of peeling ginger is with a spoon. Ginger is very hard to produce and has a very disturbing shape. For this reason, you can’t peel it easily with a peeler, a knife, or even your hands. To peel ginger properly a spoon is must needed. Because of the shape of the spoon, you can easily hold your grip it uses it as a small peeler.

All you have to do is hold the ginger in one hand and hold the spoon in your other hand. Now just tightly holds the ginger and scrap it on the edge of the spoon. Soon you will notice the skin is getting off. In this way, you can easily peel ginger within minutes.

How to peel ginger without a peeler?

Using a peeler to peel ginger won’t always bring good results for you. Due to the weird shape of ginger, it is very hard to peel with a peeler. Sometimes in doing so one may mistakenly cut off the fiber part of the ginger. To avoid this you can use a spoon instead of a peeler. The thin paper-like skin of the ginger will easily get off if you use the edge of the spoons and scrub it against the body of the ginger. This is the most common alternative to a peeler. Some also say that using a spoon is way better than using a peeler to peel ginger.

How to peel ginger root with a spoon?

To peel ginger with a spoon you just need to follow a simple technique. First, get yourself a steel spoon and wash the ginger with water to make the skin soft. But there is no washing required for new ginger. You just need to wash it if it’s an old one. So after washing just hold the ginger in your strong hand and hold the spoon on the other hand.

Then just scrap the edge of the spoon against the ginger to peel off the skin. Just use your way in and around the ginger to peel off every part of the skin. Just don’t put much pressure because it may take off the fiber part too. In case you use a peeler you can rely on a peeler such as this one

Ginger peeler and Grater
Ginger peeler and Grater

How to wash ginger roots?

Ginger roots can be dirty most of the time. The most natural way of washing ginger roots is to first cut the ginger into similar slices. Then you just have to put the slices into hot water. You can use both a cleaning scrub and your hands to clean the dirt from ginger. Once the slices are perfectly cleaned you can bring them out from the water and air dry them. This is how you can easily wash ginger roots!

Can I put unpeeled ginger in a juicer?

Yes, you can put unpeeled ginger in a juicer. However, ginger skin can be tough and fibrous, which may affect the texture of your juice. To minimize this, it’s a good idea to cut the ginger into smaller pieces before juicing.

You should also make sure that your juicer is powerful enough to handle ginger, as it can be quite dense and fibrous. Some juicers may have difficulty juicing ginger, in which case you may need to add some water or another liquid to help the ginger move through the juicer.

Keep in mind that leaving the skin on ginger will affect the flavor of your juice, as the skin has a slightly bitter taste. If you prefer a milder flavor, you may want to peel the ginger before juicing.

Ginger peel uses –

Perfume steamed vegetables and meat

Many few people know that ginger peels can also be used as an aroma in many steamed vegetables and meat. Lots of chefs and random people use ginger peels on different steamed dishes. If you are making steamed vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, broccoli then you can just sprinkle some ginger peels on it. The peel will get mixed with the dish and create a fine smell or aroma. You can do the same thing with steamed meats too!

Make a broth

This is also a very fine way to utilize the unnecessary ginger peels you have stored in your fridge. You can just take 1 or half cups of ginger peels and boil it in 6-7 cups of hot water for at least 60 minutes to make a broth or a base for making different vegetables and chili. Some people also like to use this liquid to make ginger smoothies and different spices. This is a very common recipe used in almost every Chinese and Thai restaurant. 

Add them to marinades

Adding ginger peels to different marinades often brings a very solid taste and smell to the fries. You can put the ginger peels in the marinades of chicken, pork, and beef. For a better taste, you can also mix red chili, brown sugar, star anise, and some other spices with it. The texture of all these will create a spicy taste and make the dish even more interesting to eat.

Make ginger tea

Ginger tea is considered very good for health. It can help us to digest foods, improve metabolism, and get rid of diseases like cold, cough, sore throat, sneezing, and many more. So the next time you are not sure what to do with the extra ginger peels! You can just mix them with the tea and get a refreshing and healthy vibe after every sip!

Make a ginger mask for skin

Ginger is also very good for our skin. It can help us to maintain a brighter and glowing skin tone. It reduces acne, pimples, and dark spots from our skin. So you can also use ginger peels to make a ginger mask for your skin. The formula for making a ginger mask is very simple. Many people mix 1 tbsp of ginger peel, rose water, and honey to make a mask and some people like to use the mixture of ginger peel and yogurt to make a ginger mask.

FAQs about peeling ginger –

Should you peel ginger before freezing?

In my opinion, it is not necessary to peel ginger before freezing it. The best way of freezing ginger is to put it in a safe bag and store it inside the refrigerator. You can cut it in case you need a certain size of ginger or the current size is hard to store. But there is no need to peel it first.

Is ginger peel poisonous?

No! Ginger peel is not poisonous at all. Instead, many people say it is healthy. We can use the ginger peel to make many dishes and some of those dishes are also good for our health.

Does ginger peel have nutrients?

Ginger peel is almost the same as ginger but in terms of nutritional value, it is not the same. But you can still get some amount of nutrients from it. Some chefs also use the ginger peel to make broths and aromas for steamed veggies and meat. Making ginger tea and ginger masks with ginger peel is also a very common thing to do.

Is ginger peel bitter?

The bitterness of ginger peel depends on its life period. If it’s new ginger then it will taste good. But mature ginger will taste slightly bitter. That is the reason why chefs like to cut a small part of ginger and taste it before using them in the dish.


Peeling the ginger before juicing is a very common thing to do. As you already know that ginger peels are completely safe and you can also use them to make various dishes. They are also considered very healthy. Even though peeling the ginger before juicing won’t bring much change to the taste or health. But still, you will get a fresh ginger taste and some of the bitterness might be off because of the peeled ginger. So tell me do you have to peel ginger before juicing? I guess you have your answer now.

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